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Track and Report your Website Traffic Successfully in China & APAC Region.

Chinalytics is hosted inside the Great Firewall and provides a superior level of ease, accuracy, and insight that exceeds anything else available for site analytics. Customer testimonials highly praise the user-friendly platform, which provides an outstanding range of comprehensive information.

With locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vancouver and San Francisco, our teams are ready to support your on-boarding into the Chinalytics platform.



Icon: Hosted inside of China

Hosted inside of China

SSL secure connections and No data-loss as nothing travels through the Great Firewall of China

Icon: Dedicated Service Layer

Dedicated Service Layer

Chinalytics service team on-call to support your data interpretation and integration needs

Icon: Individual User Journey Tracking

Individual User Journey Tracking

Track up to 100 visits from a user. IP tracking and unique IDs auto-created for each user

Icon: Tracks Baidu Ad Words

Tracks Baidu Ad Words

The only English analytics software integrated with Baidu

Icon: Integrated with WeChat

Integrated with WeChat

Measure user data inside of WeChat apps. Attribution in and out of WeChat

Icon: Custom Data Display & Multi-lingual

Custom Data Display & Multi-lingual

Fully custom interface, to suit your data needs. Available in 54 languages and growing!

Case Studies


Honeywell utilizes social media campaign attribution through Chinalytics Web Analytics to optimize social media marketing. Honeywell implements WeChat tracking to monitor campaign performance and implements banner click tracking to evaluate content effectiveness, in order to improve customer experience. Increasing future conversions depends on Honeywell’s ability to accurately identify and track website traffic, which it is doing remarkably due to our analytics platform.

See how they achieved this with Chinalytics Web Analytics today.

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Track banner clicks
Track outlinks to Tmall & JD

Track WeChat visits
Know campaign contribution

Track social media campaign attribution
Track form field activations


Hertz uses Chinalytics Web Analytics custom variables to track specific customer data. It implements e-commerce tracking to better understand conversion funnel abandonment generating conversion rate uplift. Specific customer data is analyzed by setting custom variables to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey. Using the Chinalytics Enterprise account, Hertz implemented advanced segments to measure user behavior and conversion data outstandingly.

See how they achieved this with Chinalytics Web Analytics today.

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Custom variable tracking & Custom e-commerce tracking

Promotion codes: (pc code, cop code, rate code)
Extra services (baby seats, GPS)

Convert the official international currency to USD (updated daily based on European central bank)
Track taxes, shipping and discount (info needs to be provided by client)

    “Chinalytics shows us our Chinese consumer buying behavior. That’s a huge benefit in helping us with our key marketing and product decisions. A user-friendly platform with readily available customer support is an added bonus especially when you need the information from comprehensive data insights.”

    Emma Dai
    Digital Marketing Manager, Hertz China

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    Training and Support when you need it.

    Whether you are familiar with analytics or new to analytics platforms, we offer support through training, webinars and provide full access to our Support Centre to help you meet your business needs.

    Chinalytics Web Analytics is the leading industry standard for web analytics in China. Take advantage of our training courses and webinars that come with the program, today!


    Gain a competitive advantage by understanding how people interact and receive your brand.

    Chinalytics offers onsite and online training to help our clients not only learn, but master web analytics easily.

    Onsite training provided for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen!

    Our custom courses will help you understand the importance of Web Analytics and how it will accelerate your business into greater realms of success.

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