Logistics often takes “afterthought” status in developing a complete e-Commerce strategy. For western companies selling in China, however, logistics and fulfillment must be integrated into every phase of the process. From clearing customs and ERP integration, to aftersales support, your 3PL solution is critical at every stage of your China revenue model.


While you can find many Chinese 3PL providers willing to partner with you, WPIC has narrowed down those with the proven ability to serve a western company reliably to a handful. We have worked with them in products from refrigerated produce to electronic goods. Together, we offer the peace of mind brought by outsourcing to an experienced provider with western best practice in the wheelhouse.


A New Zealand supplement brand, having success with mail order, needed a 3PL solution in order to reduce delivery times and increase market share.


  1. Facilitation of licensing with China State Food and Drug Administration
  2. Facilitation of online meetings with WPIC 3PL network, consultation on preferred partner selection
  3. Training of 3PL manager and dedicated CSR to provide brand service standards and experience
  4. Integration of 3PL tracking software into site’s Magento platform for real time tracking of orders and other relevant metrics


  1. Delivery time to mainland China customers reduced from 3 weeks average to 3 days maximum
  2. Able to offer free shipping, sales boosted by 27% as a result
  3. Other Pertinent Metrics

order-shipping accuracy: 82% to 99%

China inventory accuracy: 92% to 99%

Returns due to damages: 6% to <1%

Delayed delivery complaints: 15% of orders to <1%