Despite the explosion in app usage, eighty percent of China’s Internet traffic still originates from search engines, with Baidu maintaining dominant market share. Appearing on the first page of search engine results, for keywords your target audience is searching for, remains the most efficient form of digital marketing available.


Baidu has different procedures and standards for providing Chinese visitors with the best content possible. By and large, however, it and other Chinese search engines follow and trail Google best practice. WPIC is well-versed in accommodating the differences of Baidu regulations and ranking algorithms, as well as in leveraging the delta between Google and Chinese search engines.


WPIC creates code, content, and links that will drive your rankings on China’s major search engines safely and sustainably, driving self-qualified traffic to your website for engagement and next steps.


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A global medical equipment provider wanted to be found on the first page of Baidu for a range of specialized product terms, to increase perceived authenticity and drive long-term lead gen, while dialing down advertising spend in the China market.



  1. Create bowler with JOP metrics and monthly targets
  2. Clean up existing site code for SEO optimization
  3. Localize English copy and media assets extant on site
  4. Design and execute content plan
  5. Roll out six month linking campaign
  6. Seed content on Baidu knowledge properties & other key nodes
  7. Track metrics with proprietary analytic software
  8. Weekly reporting and adjustment



For 25 keywords, no number one rankings, 80% out of the top 10, and 20% out of the top 500, finished with 96% in the top 10, with 60% at number 1.


Four Steps to Optimal Baidu SEO & Content Marketing

Baidu is China's Google with a twist - it owns the most popular knowledge properties, and ensures that they come up on top of virtually all organic search results.

Therefore, the best way to get to the front page for competitive Chinese terms is to place knowledge on Baidu properties such as Baike, Zhidao, and Wenku.

These platforms can be used to link the information back to a proprietary site, and save considerable time and investment in drawing targeted eyes, as opposed to solely on striving to get one's own site to the front page for keywords.

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Getting to First Page on Baidu

Baidu's organic results for commercial keywords are significantly more commercialized than those on Google. Besides Baidu's knowledge properties, which appear top ten organically for virtually all searches, there are major portals for all industries that aggregate product information and facilitate purchase, also dominating the front page of such searches. Therefore, disseminating brand and product information across these major platforms is best practice for both branding and SEO. For example, a New Zealand winery would contribute to the knowledge about local vintages on Baidu Baike, upload a localized brochure to Baide Wenku, and post both relevant questions and answers on Baidu Zhidao. Cooperation with Baidu's ecommerce search engine Weigou and a related ecommerce platform such as YesMyWine can also drive top results with strategic account development and promotion. The key concept is to decentralize, de-emphasizing the heavy, proprietary website and contributing to the conversation at the most relevant and popular nodes of the Chinese Internet.

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